Silver Center - Silverton Oregon Senior Center 


Our Volunteers Help to Provide a Fun, Safe, Inclusive and Courtious Place for ALL Members!

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Huge HUGS & Thanks to the fantastic folks who help maintain the yard & gardening areas.


Thanks to all the volunteers who help make our Social Events so fun and successful.

  Thanks for Volunteering 
It is possible for Volunteers of   any age to support the Center-sponsored activities   off site, so sign up ASAP!   Volunteers do need to be over 16 to help with food booths. 

Our greatest resource at the Silverton Senior Center is the help provided by our volunteers who work for the benefit of all seniors.

Volunteers are typically members of the Silverton Senior Center although that is not a requirement. Anyone can apply to volunteer. Seniors and friends of seniors... working together.

Volunteer Coordinator

Call 503-873-3093 or email to sign up ASAP!

• Remember, ANYONE & ANY AGE can volunteer! 

The Silverton Senior Center is located at 115 Westfield St., Silverton, OR.